Founded by a WWII veteran of the Normandy Invasion, Kennedy Insignia has evolved from a humble assembler of awards in 1969 to become a state of the art supplier and manufacturer of military insignia, award medals, and challenge coins in support of our armed forces. To keep pace with rapdily changing global business, we combine our in-house manufacturing capabilities with the latest digital technologies to shrink lead times,continually improve quality,and improve response times to the ever evolving business and governmental demands of our 21st century.  

Our mission at Kennedy Insignia is to support the demands of our international and governmental clients, military base managers, and diverse military customers as their needs develop. With strict cost controls and continuous process improvement, we strive to create product and military packages that are relevant, within budget, and provide great value to the recipient.  In short, we continuously improve in order to help our global and military clients receive the highest quality products and services which in turn will help them accomplish their missions wherever they may be.  


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